&PROUD Performance

&PROUD loves the stage lights, and besides film and photography our festivals are packed with performances. 

We've started a few performance initiatives ourselves: for the 2016 festival, the legendary Red Rubettes provided the closing ceremony. And for the 2018 festival we've started the LGBT Choir and Lip Sync Battles

LGBT Choir
The choir currently meets bi-weekly to practice ahead of the 2018 Yangon festival. Led by a Myanmar and International choir master. 

Lip Sync Battles
In the style of Rupaul's Drag Race, we've initiated lip sync battles. Every month, two fierce contestants battle it out, and the audience decides the winners.

The best performers from FAB get to battle on the main stage at &PROUD Festival. 

Most of the performers come in drag (kings & queens), but as a contestant you can dress any way you like. As long as you've got killer dance moves! 

Got excited?

We have a special facebook group for the choir. 

If you want to join the Choir or the lip sync battles, send us a private message on facebook